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Date Event Pick Units Bookie Price Result Move
25th Sep 2014 Gulbis-Becker (ATP Kuala Lumpur) Becker +3 2 Pinnacle 2.04 13:8 -2
25th Sep 2014 Kvitova-Svitolina (WTA Wuhan) Svitolina +4 2 Pinnacle 1.97 13:8 -2
25th Sep 2014 Murray-Lacko (ATP Shenzen) Lacko +6 4 Pinnacle 1.854 13:8 +3.416
15th Sep 2014 Lorenzi-Lokoli (ATP Metz) Lokoli 2 Pinnacle 3.3 2:0 -2
15th Sep 2014 Seppi-Sijsling (ATP Metz) Sijsling 3 Pinnacle 2.6 0:6,1:4,ret.1 +4.8
9th Sep 2014 Krunic-Tsurenko (WTA Tashkent) Tsurenko 3 Pinnacle 1.901 1:2 +2.703
9th Sep 2014 Parmentier-Zhang (WTA Hong Kong) Zhang +4 3 Pinnacle 1.862 3:12 +2.586 is a sports betting advisory service providing serious punters with highly profitable selections on tennis events. Our subscribers follow one of the most profitable services on the internet. Most punters bet on favorites to ensure a quick return from their sports-betting. The bookmakers are well aware of this and they tend to therefore under-price the odds on favorites. Our team is searching for value bets. The efforts of our team are then delivered to you in the form of betting advice through email. We advise to take 2% of your bankroll for maximal stake.

The record is proofed by Our service started off, as we shared our picks with other bettors within several communities. Based on big demand from punters, the website was then established. We simply tell our followers where placing money is advantageous.

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